Milton Hershey School Dimensional Spartan Head Logo

The Milton Hershey School Alumni Association wanted to present the school with a special gift to celebrate its 100th Anniversary.

When the alumni first contacted us, they requested a flat replica of the school’s Spartan logo. The talented team at Stoner Graphix worked with the alumni and offered options that included the unique alternative of a high impact 3-dimensional product as opposed to the original and common, flat idea. After we created a small scale version of the finished product, the alumni were convinced. 3-D was the only choice.

The 12 foot wide, by 16 foot high, by 2 foot thick structure has a basic aluminum tubular skeleton with blocks of EPS foam carved into the shape of the school’s Spartan mascot. The structure is protected with a polyurea hard coat. After applying a waterborne, adhesion promoting primer, Grip Gard base coat/clear coat paint with an automotive-type finish was applied.

The approximately 500 pound finished dimensional logo is poised 60 feet above the football stadium overlooking Henry Hershey Field at the Milton Hershey School.